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We noticed our 2008 BMW X3 was not holding antifreeze.. so we assumed a leak. We drove the car which was running fine to a Meinke garage to fix the leak. The next thing we know, they had to tow it to the BMW dealer because the timing was off so bad it wouldn't run. Meinke says they didn't cause the issue. Notes from the BMW say the timing problem was caused when Meinke removed the Vanos adjusting unit. Advisor at BMW said Meinke should pay for repairs. Meinke just called and said that the advisor was incorrect and the BMW general manager now agrees with Meinke. Your thoughts? Bill is now up to about $4000
Letf turn right trun Abs lock
How do i know if they changed it again?
i had the same problem and they told me they did it again with a recall the 2 of 3 timing chains . Can they recall again?
Two days ago one of the machinists told me they change 1 of 3. How i lern the truth.
For how long last to change again the chains?
How much is it cost? What else they need to change? Is the bmw only one authorized dealer.
The brake and 4x4 light comes on sporadically. When they do the car drives a little rough and shimmies when I come to a complete stop. When I turn the car off and restart the lights go away and the car drives normal. What could be causing this? I've seen a lot of questions with the ABS, 4x4 and Brake but not just the 4x4 and Brake. Is this a different issue?
with this battery light came on, but went off. 4X4 Abs and brake stays on. Any suggestions?
pls help
thank you
X3 has 81000 miles on it. When I coast from 40 to 30 mph there is a whirring noise from the rear of the car. Has the differential fluid changed and still there. Could it be a wheel bearing or differential bearing?
Problem only occurs for the first few stops in the mornings then OK when warmed up.
BMW say the solution is a new transmission.
Car turn over (crank) after a little fight.
The cooling fan to my X3 had stopped working. I have checked the power socket and gotten a reading of approximately 12 volts. I purchased a new fan, Dorman 621-194, from and replaced the old with the new. Now when I start the car the fan doesn't start. It only starts when I remove the power socket and reconnect it again. It will only start for approximately 3 seconds climbing to an extremely high rate then shut down never to start again on it's own, unless I unplug it and plug it back in again. Resulting in the same 3 second climb then shut down. Any ideas what the issue could be?
the service engine light is on, when you start car it shakes,
the service engine light turned on now the car when you started shakes like a vacuum leak or just misfiring
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