2006 BMW X3 Questions

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Mechanic said I must have hit something on the road and caused a ding in the right rear wheel. He said that I might need to replace the wheel not the tire.
When I entered the freeway on ramp (it is quite a tight round curve) the 4x4 indicator lamp flashed on for just a second & the car shook a bit, it stopped when I straightened the wheel & accelerated.
I bought a used bmw , about a month ago I went to auto zone and used their diagnostic reader . So it came back with one code it was p2098 . What can be done to correct it .
after going through a huge water puddle.
Lights on the dash board lit up.
When I give light does nothing. light does not turn on the board. As if the battery was discharged. But this good. Full load. What will be the cause of failure
a 2006 bmw x3, took my car in b/c check engine light coming on. bmw dealer calls says leaking air car, rec with suspension component replacement(alignment) rear springs broken and Evac and recharge system with dye for air conditioner. Get my car back and had a week; Abs, brake, 4x4 and tire light all on. brought back they say oh lets put it on the machine, oh we found nothing lights are off. then 4 days later all lights back on, take it back oh its the wrong filter.. lights off. 5 days later all lights on again, now they say it is the wheel speed sensor.
What can be the problem? And can I fix it easily?
I took my vehicle to a dealer for a diagnostic. When I took it to them it had 108273 miles on it. When I got it back 8 hours later it had 109746. It had an 1/8 of a tank of gas. They are telling me the key fob was wrong but the fob and the odometer matched until I took it to them. I took it to another mechanic and they can't find anything that would have caused it. Has anyone else had this problem?
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