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Just bought vehicle and after 180miles engine light came on. Manual said echiast valves. Car drives fine. Is this an easy fix.
My car was parked and got hit on my rear passenger door. Now my lights are on, and my work is saying they wont cover the repair because its not related to the accident. I am going to get the codes pulled tomorrow, but is there any way that this could be caused by the impact?
bought a used bmw x3. one side has a non dynamic xenon .The original is dynamic xenon that works. Non dynamic will not turn on. Can they work together ?
Normally you turn the key and the engine starts up to idle revs. Now you turn the key and crank longer and give it a little gas to get the revs up to start and idle.
Trying to find out how much I should pay to replace heater valve, flush coolant system and heater core.
My car has been running fine ever since I got it. I drove it twice today and it started both times no problem. Then I went to start it again to go somewhere and it would not start. There wasn't any notice when I tried to start it. There wasn't any clicking or anything, it was just silent. The lights, wipers, windows, and radio all work. I tried jumping it and it still wouldn't start. I really need to figure out what's wrong with it ASAP. Please help!
Drove about 150 miles, half in SD, few KM in manual and then in city auto mode and next morning unable to start. Can power up A/c and all lights but will not crank and also steering is tight.....anyone has an idea what it could be. I drooped it to dealer today and he will diagnose and let me know whenever he can take it in.
It is dry around the valve cover, where could the oil be coming from. Used to go thru a quart every 10 days, not sure now since i only replaced it today with all ney parts.
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