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The dealer is telling me the lines need replacing for another 4K. Why?!
I have a 2006 M5 with 80,000 miles on it. I took to a shop and they said its showing codes for the catalytic converter going bad. I don't believe they inspected the catalytic converters.
i have a problem in my hydraulic pump e60 m5 Euro it's engaged on 2nd gear and there is no startup i will change pump motor definitely but i don't know if there is another parts i have to change or not idon't want to spend alot of money i want the best decision and i know the pump is expensive and the worst thing ever. i heard that there's tuned pump and more tough is it real ?
I'm from egypt and there's no dealer ship but i can order the failure part need help
Last summer I had the clutch replaced in my M5. A couple months later the car just refused to go into gear one day. When I towed it to service they said the transmission was nearly empty (~2 liters low) so the car automatically stopped to protect it. I am looking for an opinion as to whether replacing the clutch could be connected to the leak. Thanks very much.
increased emissions message is on my dash ...i put the computer up to it n read ..dmtl leak detection. oil conition sensor. fuel system dia diagnostic bank 1 . activation clutch. ? whats wrong with my car n how much would it cost to get fixed?
In drive SMG would not engage...engine would just rev.Suddenly it would catch and lurch forward.Then it would clear for several miles...then reappear again.Changed battery as it was suggested by dealer that 6 yr.old battery may not power all the onboard electronics.Red "COG" is now back with a vengeance
Yesterday RED COG again, would not engage in drive or reverse and then stalled and would not restart[middle of rush hour intersection]5 minutes later it started and ran without problems.What is going on?
I recently noticed an engine skip on my way to the airport it cleared up over the course of few miles, the engine light did come on. a week or so later I dropped it off at the dealer to have the checked, they are telling me that one of the oil pumps is bad costing 6500.00 seems a little strange since it seems to somewhat unrelated. anythoughts?
It started few weeks ago rarely comes when the car in slow motion or still could , the message was (transmission fault )comes when the car try to shift to the second gear,when the warning light is on ,,, it will then move the gear smoothly and shift from 1 to 3 skipping the gear 2.
i stop the car remove the key and the message is cleared few minutes latter ,i tested the car on the computer and try to adapt the clutch suddenly appeared a new warning message saying (clutch adaptation active) and never be cleared even if i clear all faults in the computer.
i changed the full set of the clutch including clutch sensor, the problem became bigger and the 2nd gear do not respond .
i changed the oil valves system and the speed sensor, and still have the same old problem .
does this means that i have to replace the whole gearbox to have this problem solved?
pls help me
TO REPLACE CRANKCASE. on 2006 bmw m5
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