2004 BMW M3 Questions

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we have had our car worked on several times for the over heating problem, we have had a lot of new parts put in but nothing seems to help. it tends to run over half but when we turn on the ac it jumps to 3/4 and if we climb a hill, with or without the ac on it jumps to 3/4 . if we have the air on it almost goes to the red. we have had a new radiator, water pump, thermostat, fans (things that go with the fans) and just about everything you can think of replaced to try to fix it..........Help
Can a faulty tensioner cause the alternator to fail.
No radio, I think it is a fuse
It started yesterday, when all of the sudden my SMG when off gear, the gear number started to blink and the transmission yellow light turned on. After this i turn the engine off and back on and wouldnt go into gear, then with the engine off i put it in gear and it worked, however when i push the car to 4000 rpm or more it doesnt go into the next gear, right now is skipping 3rd gear. Any ideas are welcome
First time my BMW is off the service plan from when I bought it. Now I need to get the oil changed and am wondering what requirements I should have for the service station that does the work. How do I ensure they use the same stuff a dealer would without having to pay what the dealers charge?
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