2002 BMW M3 Questions

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It shifts normally in the manual position, there are only problems in automatic position. Also, shifts lights and DSC lights are always on in "A" and "S" position.
I have a manual transmission. Sometimes on 1-2 and 2-3 shifts I get a "tick" or a slight grind. It happens more when the weather is cold. I'm worried that my synchros are going bad. I'm thinking about getting rid of the car before this happnes because of the expense of a new tranny.
How many amps is the alternator for this car
I replaced alt 5 weeks ago. About 5 days ago the battery light came on. I noticed that if I rev car up to 4-5k rpm the light goes out. I replaced alt again and light went out, but after 10 miles or so the light came back on and car died. I was able to get it home and I put back in alternator #2 and I am able to make battery light go out as long as the engine is run up to 3k rpm or higher. Is there a relay or fuse etc that could be causing this. I have not made any modification or anything to the car. Thank you I appreciate the help.
I meant to also ask the hours it would take to replace an oil pump, timing chaine and tensioners.
How much would it cost to replace and oil pump, timing chain and tensioners?
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