1998 BMW M3 Questions

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It looks like it did befor I took it to be aligned. will my tires ware out??
car will crank over but will not stay running without giving gas
My mechanic told me that the fuel pump cannot be sold without some sort of sensor, but that there are two of these on each side of the tank in order to maintain proper fuel readings on the dash board.

He explained that the other sensor MUST be replaced as part of the job, in order to ensure I get accurate fuel readings. This added $400 to the cost of the job, bringing the total to $1000.

Does this sound right to you?
My M3 is making a rattling noise that is getting louder over time only when the car is in gear. The noise seems to be coming from the front of the engine where the timing chain is located. A technician told me that the tensioner was getting worn. Should I replace the timing chain or just the tensioner?
Does anyone know what the name of the section or joint where the plastic shroud over the radiator/fan extends to the driver side of the engine and connects to a oval hose that goes down over the alternator? I'm leaking coolant at tha joint and it requires addind coolant evertime I go out. Thanks.
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