1995 BMW M3 Questions

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looking to get an estimate cost repair on a dent, scratch and broken tail light. Hit and run. Gas tank door area was hit with a scratch extending back to light. Dent is no bigger than a text book. Depth of dent is no deeper than in inch or so.. Part of tail light is broken.
Car feels ruff when turning, clunky when turning at speed, what are the symtoms of bad subrame bushings?
the winshield wiper's stop in the top position instead of at the bottom of the windshield where they should. i have looked at where the windshield motor is and it looks very hard to get out!
Does anyone know where I might find a rear replacement window for my 1995 BMW M3 convertible?
How do I change heater hose that runs into engine block. The one right under the intake manifold. It leak at connection to engine block. Do I have to remove intake manifold? Any tips on removing intake maniforld?
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