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to the water manifold at the rear of the engine the leak is where the pipe connects to the water manifold. the pipe has a bleed fitting that connect to the center top of the engine. is there enough clearance between the top of the pipe and the bottom of the intake manifolds to lift the bleed fitting out and pull the pipe out or do I need to remove the intake manifolds?
I was getting the car out of storage and jumped the battery as I have many times before. this time the flashers started and the wipers started wand wont shut off...
a stop point, or when I slow down while driving. I have to mash the gas almost all the way down to get it to respond properly to the peddle, and that's when the engine sounds normal. and its only at higher speeds. both the check engine lights, and the asc light comes on flashing when I start the car, but then they go away from time to time while driving I put 2 brand new MAFS in, I CHANGED THE SPARK PLUGS, put a brand new fuel pump in. I have not changed the fuel filter yet nor have I changed the rotors ,or distributor caps for the engine, or changed the spark plug wires yet. do you know what it may be or where should I start?
Been suggested that with changing of the gasket for the intake manifold would solve the problem ??
I do have some type of oil leak but at the moment I can not tell where its coming from, I changed air flow meters, I changed relays and today I'm going to check if fuel pumps are working correctly and try and determine where the oil is coming from. Areas that come in my mine are, leaky intake gasket,fuel pumps, fuel filters, clogged Cat, clogged fuel lines or clogged fuel tank. Please I am very anxious to hear from RepairPal. Thanks
Light flashes immediately I turn on the ignition. Keeps flashing for a while and then just stays on.
Just bought the car and have no user manual!
its been that way for 6 months wiped off spark plugs and it ran fine for a minite
I'm replacing water pump on my '91 850i. have removed shroud, fan,hoses etc. need information on how to remove crankshaft pulleys-sensor.

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