2008 BMW 750Li Questions

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I started getting a transmission fault come up on my display. It stated that "only transmission range D is available. P engages automatically when engine is switched off.
Transmission is locked in park position and cannot get it to into drive or reverse
Why does white smoke come from the rear of my 750LI
While driving down the street the radio and a.c go dim and the parking brake goes on and off. The car wants to shut off while making a left or right turn. Then when I park it and turn the car off it doesn't want to turn back on. I have to wait a few minutes before it turns on again with no problems? Any input would be appreciated.
minutes the engine hits and starts like nothing was wrong. when it refuses to start, only the engine symbol lights up.
The driver side door that has a soft closing will not close, do you know what the problem could be and how much it will cost?
How can I reset the light on the dash?
Dealer claims A pillar, B Pillar and head liner need to be removed to gain access. $$$$$ has to be simpler solution.
computer reported oil level as ok at 33704 miles and at 35743 reported oil level down one quart, and stability unsafe if hard cornering or dast acceleration occurs gefore oil level fixed. both alarms ended when i added a quart of oil. what gives?
When I close and lock the doors the light where you adjust the seat on the armrest stays on. So does the start stop button.
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