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The halos work on the driver side but no low beam not even when I put the highbeams on. The passenger side was nobody has messed with never gets the halos on but the low beam and highbeam work. I bought a new $120 low beam bulb for driver side. It is still did not go on . Could it be the ballast for the light.
The transmission will not shift,
Hey guys, I bought a 2007 750li. There's two bulbs above each headlight for the turn signals. The inner ones don't work. Pretty sure the bulbs are good. What could it be?
Just trying to find out how many knock sensors there are so I can get them all replace at the same time ... I got the code p1327 which is the knock sensor,I just need to know how many so I can replace them all at once again it's for a bmw 2007 750 li
Thanks for your time
The screen went up but after pressing the button again to lower it it wouldn't drop
oil leak left side of engine
I have a bad oil leak that's coming from behind the alternator. I looked everywhere else on the engine and that's the only place it can be coming from .The oil puddels on the driver side skid plate and on that side of the engine. There are no codes coming up and the engine light ain't on. It runs fine and when i check the oil level on the i drive(that's the only way to check it on this car) it reads ok.
2007 bmw 750 li blowing hot air on driver side cold air on passengers side ac pressure is ok ac compressor wines when start up but stops but the blowing cold and hot air stays the same
radio/display panel is black
I want to know if my transmission is bad I'm going to a mechanic from the dealer and I don't really trust him so I don't understand what it means when it says transmission fault and the car is rumbling I don't know if anybody has any answers but I could use some help

If my car isn't n park will it crank up tell me how to put the car n park
My radio/stereo is not working properly. I have no base. I can turn the the base all the way up but no difference,
Can only find one on the driver side
The lights no longer flash or beep when locked. I checked all the doors, hood and gas lock. The fuses are all fine and the panic alarm still works. I can lock/unlock the doors with the fab. Also, until two days ago I was able to walk up to the car and open the locked door with the key fab in my hand. That no longer works. I tried both sets of keys. Any suggestions????
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