2000 BMW 750iL Questions

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Will drive in reverse brakes appear to be seizing up. Want excelarate
Codes will not clear to for the computer to reset.
I have a p0740 code which is stopping me from tagging my car in NC. Can anyone tell me exactly what this can be relieved by?
my 2000 750 il wont go.It was crossed the wrong way when jump started and when it started eventually it ran on about 3 cylinders.No throttle response,then wont start at all.Trans failsafe and abs lights came up.its now been sitting for the past 12 months,and i want to drive it again.Please help.
the leads were crossed the wrong way.It started and ran on id say 4 cylinders like a hairy pig.then trans failsafe and abs lights came up.It had no throttle response then died now wont start.Please help love driving the v12.The bet
riding dowwn the road and steam was coming from the exhaust,under the hood the hose detached from the radiator. almost like the clamp was rusted on the leftside.
how to take a battery out of the car
The timing chain broke
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