1998 BMW 750iL Questions

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This is continued since my oil change don't know how it was related except at the suspension was stretched out when the car was lifted into the air?
the car still drives but it shifts a little rough and slow sometimes. also there is a unusual noise.
Running rough no pick up and rim gage not working
I found a leak on the side of my radiator and I had no heat. I added coolant to it and still no heat. It took a lot of coolant. I just replaced the radiator tonight and I still have no heat. I have checked the reservoir a few times and have added coolant as it went down. And the coolant is getting hot. But when I take the cap there is really no pressure. And still no heat. What could it be? Thermostat? If so I have no clue where that is.
When I first drive it after it has been sitting; it runs rough like it has an engine problem. Then, suddenly it returns to running well. It does not always happen either. All of the externals to the engine have been changed like wires, etc. Help?
fuse for the fuel pump gets blown after 30 senconds i start the engine, what is it?
is that the computer to be adjusted or changed and how?
when car is running
I need to find a diagram on the fule & emissions on a 1998 bmx 740il. is the fuel filter inside or outside of the gas tank?
is it posible to replace soleoiod valves inside the transmissin without taking it out?
the switch that changes it from manual to automatic shifting for transmission seems to be out. It doesnt want to go into first but then shifts but even at that you can only push gas pedal you cant use gear shift
When engine idling occasionally there is a noise that sounds like a belt slipping but have replaced tensioner and both belts. Could it be a pump?
how do I change the low beam lamp?
this car has 2 fuel pumps and I took the fuel line off the fuel filter (before the filter) cranked the engine and no fuel come out of the line. I have checked the fuses to the pump and they are ok. If one pump quits do both shut down and if one fuel pump relay quits do both shut down? How or where do the relays get their power?
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