1991 BMW 750iL Questions

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138,000 miles, all black, all leather interior, and has a 12 cylinder motor.
Are other parts required to be removed and what's the proceedure to refill cooling system? What coolent do I use and how much mixture with water? Please provide any other info that would help me change my themostat?
Thanks for your help, Craig McConnell
My 1991 750il is hard to start and when it does the rpms go up & down then cuts off it wont stay on what will cause this?
I,m trying to locate the fuel pump under the rear seat i do not see the same type i purchased at the parts store.
i am having problems , my car will only run off one sid of the engine at a time. if i unplug the right throdle body the left side will work fine and the other side the same. but the engine will not rev. over 2000 rpms with both connected !! can you help ?
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