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MY BMW 750 iL 1989 v12 e32 seems to be running hot. I just replaced the radiator 6 months ago , seemed fine , is there only one thermostat > is it in the middle of the engine center front. or how can i tell if the thermostat is going bad. should of changed it when i replaced the radiator
What seems to make the problem better or worse? longer running or at stop lights
How long have you had this problem? a couple weeks
It wont go go fiward while in drive, but will go reverse.
I have replaced the compressor and the control panel on the dash. when the mechanic replaced the freon it blew cold until i turned the car off then it returned to heat and wouldn't blow cold. I have also replaced the motors that control the flaps in the dash. the controls do not seem to be able to make the switch from air to heat and back to air.
I have replaced the compressor, dash controls and motors that control the flaps in the dash for heat and air. when the mechanic added freon it blew cold until I turned off the car. when restarted it went back to heat and wont blow cold.
Is there anyway one can hel me out?
There is no power to the alternator when key is on. What do you suggest?
The steering wheel has been difficult to turn as if apiece has jammed inside the column. A sudden crank of the wheel has allowed the wheel to turn after what appears to have released whatever caused the jamming. The switch no longer clicks to normal position whithout overturning the wheel. Solutions pls?
I have a 1989 750il with a braking issue. My brakes keep locking up on me. I've changed the front calipers, hoses, rotors and brake pads but still having the same issues.
I need help, please help.
I am needing a driverside door. Preferably with black exterior and tan interior. The exterior can be painted easy enough. Not comfortable painting interior door panel. I have not found a salvage yard that is willing to sell just the door and panel. And ideas anyone?
the correct position of the thermostat
this v12 has 85,000 mi and sat for a couple years it did run out of gas once and just had the battery changed. when it cranks it sound like it jumped time. do these engines go through timing belts/chains this quickly?
i have a 1989 bmw 750IL and i have two problems first 1 throttle body isnt working and second my abs light comes on when the car is warm and my wheels feel locked
runs rough when first starts like missing
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