2004 BMW 745Li Questions

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I wo?uld like to have all my headlights replaced one time how much would that run me
Bought a new battery car starts up goes a couple of miles and shuts off completely DSC light comes on and check engine light
What is generator fault
After starting and pressing parking brake button, symbol in the dashboard turns amber and brake doesn't release...
White smoke when car is sitting started
But when I engage voice command it's surround is clear... ?
My parents are telling me what car do I want a 2004 BMW 745Li , 2008 Honda Accord, or 2005 BMW 525i. Which one should I get? Some of my friends have 745li or 745i and that car has been my dream car since I was like 10years old what car should I get? And if I get the 745li in good condition with around 140K milies and drive it good and take care of it will it have any problems?
what is braking/dynam response systems inoperative.parking without emerg.braking function.avoid hard braking
I have access to it after removing the two screws but now there is a plastic sleeve/cable covering the rod coming off the latch plus one more restraining bolt (?) in the center section of the latch. How to go further?
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