2003 BMW 745i Questions

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My 19yr old son was was working and doing great and I bought him a 745i . Stupid I know . But he got a DUI and has no license and refuses to give me the key and continues driving it . So I need to figure out a way to make it not run . Can someone please help me out ????

This is the first time I am experiencing an issue with my fuel indicator after 170,000 miles put on my vehicle. There isn't a way to see how much fuel is in my tank now because it will show that it is empty even after filling the tank up all the way.

as soon as it is fully open it begins to close

the 1st two read adaptive, while the last( could be 275-d ) reads idle dropout

I was driving with my window down like always and randomly look back to see that my window visor was a bit loose and when I pressed the button to retract it in, It only goes back down and in but leaves the whole visor hanging outside.

Based on reviews it appears to be a potentially
Bearing issue. Not sure what it is. Since the noise started
The car has not been driven. I use 0'w 40 mobile synthetic oil.
Can somebody please help with trouble shooting issue prior to
me taking the car in the shop and potential costs with repair.
Thank you much!

like emergency brake is on. I tried to release it under steering column with key. also say brake lining is at minimum. I just got pads replaced. mechanic said it just needs to be reset. because car went dead had to get a drives but feel like brake is on. is it safe to drive?

When I drive car jerks

also have a muffled sound when pulling off.when I take off from a standstill,thats when smoke is evident,especially if imash harder on the gas pedal