2001 BMW 740iL Questions

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cd readed cd error
shortly after starting it displays "Limit 4 MPH" on dash. Why? what does it mean
What seems to make the problem better or worse? shortly after I start it and start it and start to move
How long have you had this problem? just begun
My transfalse safe prog light came on my car want pull in drive but will pull I reverse I could normally switch the car off for a few min then it go back to normal on my Bmw 740 il 2001
We do not have a manual so we cant change or add clock data, we can't get the numbers,
car battery kept draining . Mechanic disconnected navigation device & cd player. Now radio goes off every 45 seconds or so.
Hi guys brand new here need some helpful advice looking
to buy my first bimmer tomrrow got into a car accident a
few weeks ago and insurance is taking forever to settle so
in the mean time I'm lookin at a 528i its a 99 with 133k
miles talked him down to 1,500 he said the car runs great
only problem is all the windows don't work I've replaced
window regulators before that's not a problem I got him
down really cheap cuz of it but there's also this 740il with
160k miles he wants 1,900 but he's willing to negotiate
has m5 front bumper looks great and he said drives like
new I could really use some insight help here what do you
guys think I should do any feedback would be greatly
appriciate I'm so exited to own a bmw!!
I replaced the stock radio system and put a aftermarket system in. Used some of the wire to power the radio, but others are taped off to the side. But after a few days, lights started messing up. When I turned the ignition over, the low beams came on and all the brake lights illuminated and stayed on. I have no turn signals, no hazards, no high beams, no fog lights, and no rear license plate light. The computer where the speedometer and gauges are don't work either.
I even changed the fuel line and the wire harness with the one the engine came with now it won't start at all
I'm hoping that it is a problem with the automatic settings for each driver. Problem is that the door switch is broken. Disconnect it to fix problem???
took car in for water leak they didnt have tools to repair. picked car up and it started smoking. runs fine no noise and i parked it two days and checked oil and water. it is smoking much less now what is up.
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