2000 BMW 740iL Questions

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Battery died! After charging from the truck battery, Now my key will not let me open the doors! Is it a deadlock system on and how can I get in the car?
i just got the car and noticed it was slowly seeping oil from the filter just around the top where you unscrew the cover to get to the filter. then i had checked my oil, i was in need for oil so i put two quarts in it. i also changed the oil filter cuz it waqs old and ugly. now its leaking out more than it was.
The engine was cleaned by using a lot of water. It didn't run well after the wash. The dashlights and all exterior lights stayed on. The battery went dead. Jump started the vehicle. The battery won't keep a charge.
I just got a 00 740il, the car has been sitting for a long time. The engine is powerful and the tranny is good. A few issues though,

1. When I accelerate after 10 to 15 mins of driving before hitting second gear sometimes the whole front of the car starts to vibrate. It does not kick so I know it's not the tranny. On the the freeway before I accelerate it starts to shake again then go away.

2. Power steering is leaking, very stiff steering wheel.

3. I hear screeching when I drive. From the back
When the seat was plugged in and the fan wasnt wired .after that i noticed the navig. T V. Had static with it and black background .
C.P.S. senesers been replaced and fuel filter placed, fuel pump working fuel getting to motor just when press on gas pedal in park at idle there is no acceleration.. Help me
Transmission stayed in one gear and heater remained on high and couldn't be turned off.
Can it cause the transmission to stay in one gear, or cause the heater to blow out hot air in controllably?
Iwent to start my car today and unlocked itgot in it and went to start it up and then the car just went completely dead, the dashboard went off my key wont lock or do anything.
Changed fuel filter,still wont start
Screen is black, radio cuts in and out every 2 minutes. HELP
white smoke at start up then clears up when engine gets warm.oil and water are not mixing
please if some body can give metorque for oil pan bolt?should i use threadlock to bolt blue or red and sequence to tight.
thank you
torque for oil pan bolt. can i use glycerine on gasket
motor oil was in my spark plugs. how do i fix it?
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