1999 BMW 740iL Questions

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the lite stays at -40
What would that be? It shakes a little bit when you turn but that's it can you help me?
battery always going dead can't put transmission from manual to automatic the button wont work properly
The car was shutting off at red lights, then when turning corners. Finally, tried to start it in the driveway and it shook, now won't start. Someone said the camshaft position sensor.
Or either use my jump start box I just replace the positive cable terminal It only take like 5 sec when I get a jump from car to start alternator good battery. Good what could it be
i give the car more gas over fourty it go's away, doesnt happend at high speeds.
Brakes make a squeeking noise when driving.
Interested in buying a 1999 BMW 740il for 2500 and they say it runs good with a smooth shifting transmission but has an exhaust leak somewhere. How much does that cost to get fixed if it was anywhere?
How will i be able to fix it? what do i need to fix? Any suggestions?
My car will crank only when I remove the negative cable (removing error codes) from battery for few minutes and then reconnect. Runs great. When turn off key. No start. The car will lock and unlock...but I suspect the security system. What, if any, mechanical error code would prevent the engine from starting? I bought a Peake R5/FCX(3) code tool. Properly used, will that find my error code? DWA code would not keep car from running...and my car will run.

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