1998 BMW 740iL Questions

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Would it be better to replace the engine rather than replacing the head gasket...and how much would it cost?
how many miles is too many miles on a 1998 740il and what the difference between a 740i and 740il?
i need to know the model number for the 6disc cd player that came with this car
Sometimes when i start my car up she will start but like after two seconds it will cut off. i would have to start it up about two to three times before its able to drive without cutting off. does this sound lik the camshaft sensor or something else???
how to remove belt tensioner pully assembly
i have two codes one is p0720-output speed sensor circuit malfunction,and the other is p0731- gear 1 incorrect ratio. how can i fix these problems
my bmw ran good for about 3 hours then started studdering alittle before it would move foward. i felt warm air under my driver side seat dont know were its coming from. then trans fail safe program light comes on.the car now wont move foward but will move in reverse.
my mom drove the car with the emergency brake on and since then it put it self on auto transmission lock how do i git it off of it
My 1998 BMW 740iL - 117500 miles - apparently has blown head gaskets. Estimates range from $2300. to $4000., provided, there is nothing else wrong. I'm looking for an input about having it repaired or not. I'm afraid of the possibility of a never ending repairs.
All the glass..both sides passenger and driver sides front and back are defective...where can I get used replacement glass
steering wheel makes loud noise after a night or long time parking at slow speed. Noise will disappear after 2 or 3 minutes of drive
Why doesn't the heat work on the passenger side of my 1998 740il BMW?
My driver seat does not move forward or backward anymore, or tilt. Likewise, the steering wheel tilt went out I think at the same time. Any answer to why, or how to fix this problem? thanx
When I put any cds in the 6 disc cd player in my trunk then turn on the cd player in my car it says 'HIGH TEMP' on the screen and wont play. Can anyone tell me whats wrong and how to fix this? Or do I have to replace the whole player?
Where can I find a Repair manual, a service manual, and a owners manual for my 1998 BMW 740il? And a repair manual for the radio and CD player.
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