1996 BMW 740iL Questions

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where is the battery at
changed fuel filter and the fuel pump seems ok i can here it running.acts like its not getting enough fuel. it use to run a little rough for a minute when i would start it then ran fine after that. now it wont stay running
Need to see video on how to replace control arm
I checked the bulbs and they are ok, all gears work, just no back up lights.
side by wheel where tank located.
The odometer,trip & temp. reader are not showing at all in my 1996 740il, also my airbag warning is on.
car ran rough on the way home and check engine light came on. Started again after cooling off and car ran fine. Dealr diagnosed it as a cylinder 2 misfire. I can only assume this means the spark plug.
voltage at starter is 12 on main wire at other wire it is inconsistent on steering column ignition switch is reading 12volts at wires
My factory alarm goes off consistantly after I lock the car. Lights flash and siren sounds. I tried everything including locking it with the key and locking it twice to disable the motion sensor. Any Ideas?
tengo el problema, q mis luces de freno no prenden...pero.... sin embargo la luz de freno q esta en el vidrio tracero si prende.....ya revice los fusibles, cambien los focos... y no funciona... alquien quien me pueda ayudar??
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