1995 BMW 740iL Questions

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Key spins freely forward and back
I thought this would be reasy I ordered one on line when it showed up wouldn't plug in . my switch is different then all the switches ive looked at ./ they look the same at first glance but there different . I need a 2A model all I can buy is a B2 model tjhat dosnt fit. No 2A anywhere to be found
Hi I have a 1995 bmw 740IL the egnition won't start and the ABS light,lights up along with two other lights. Noticed the symbol pop up after getting stuck in the snow and forcing my way out but it worked fine until I parked it up and tried to start it up again later that day.
when applying the brakes the front end drops and makes a funny noise ? As well as going over speed bumps -does it sound like front suspension bushings that have worn out ?
Haven't owned for two weeks took back was told leaky valve seals closing smoke, was told to use no smoke at oil changes. Does not overheat, idles rough at times then on acceleration lots of white smoke. Someone mentioned a pic plate, dealer hasn't looked at saying I need a new motor but also compression is good in same breath.. Help
i started my car and drove one block and now the car won't shut off.
I have had the car for 10 years and lately it is performing very badly in it just getting tired or should i be looking at another problem. The S drive still is peppy. i have not changed plugs in 4 years and 40k miles but it seems to run fine.
The gages light up but the blower never turns on I checked the fuse and it looks good so whats causing it not to work
I have a 1995 740iL and have not have any problems, it is my wife's car and she only does local driving 50miles max. on Dec 25th we took the car on a long trip and every 100miles the lower radiator hose would come off the radiator neck, I would replace the hose fill the radiator and drive another 100miles, same thing wold happen (speed was about 75mph). Any ideas? i am getting ready to do a combustion leak test (waiting for chemical UV560500).
My boss bought a bmw 740ill n had to put a shut down switch to cut off all main power time the car cuz if it didn't have that switch you come to a dead battery the next day when you went to fire the car up anyone have any idea why it might not be goin in to sleep mode? This problem happens when the battery is connected to the car but when the battery is hooked up it'll keep a charge
leaks all the time,bought rubber seals,need help on how to ass.
seems to have loss of power during take off too
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