1994 BMW 740iL Questions

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I just replaced my battery in my 94 740iL. It drove fine for about 2 days, 65 miles worth. However, now on day 3, all the electronic control lights are coming on again, and when I attempt to turn, the anti lock system kicks in and wont allow me to make a sharper turn, its quite scary when your in a lot of traffic. It only happens when I try to turn. When I am driving straight, the suspension leveling warning comes on the dash display, but the other lights stay off. I am completely out of ideas, and I am terrified that it is going to be an extensive fix. Someone please help!!
The 99' has over 200K on the dial and the 94' just hit 150k
I have diagrammed and removed all fuses from both rear power distribution and under hood power boxes and tested with DVOM and still show over twelve volt draw with all doors hood and trunk open. Help please!
I want to know how many gallons it takes to fill up a 1994 740IL and how many miles will she take me and cost of gas
drove car home 19 miles after buying it. When arriving at home, shut car off and tried to restart. It cranks but won't restart. Are there specific buttons, etc., that have to be pushed or what is the start procedure for this bmw? No diagnostic codes are showing and all power still intact.
how many plastic balls are in the valve body in the trans
bmw lost reverse after spinning in reverse in the show and then going foward then i hade no reverse after that
there is no fire at the plug for the fuelpump and we checked the fuses and relays for it also.
my BMW is leaking from the water valve coolant pump which pumps the coolant into the water valve bypass. Upon replacing this unit I have beenadvice to replace the water valve junction also, it was said that there has been modification or revision done to these units because of complaints of car not heating up fast enough. Is this true and should I replace both units.
How do I reset meter on this ride?
how can i get my front seats to move up they just start moving on there own
how do u reset the oil light on a 1994 bmw 740il
if my trans has a trans program code on it if i take the one thats in the car out and put a new one in will that fix the problem
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