1993 BMW 740iL Questions

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Head light dash lights run fine wint into store come out and nothing
i bought a 1993 bmw modle 740 it was turning over but now nothing what could b the problum
I was driving home and the dash computer screen started to get dim now there are no lights on it at all....could it be a fuse or what else should I look for......????
I checked the fusses there ok.BMW wont give me the code anyway,
I recently bought an '02 X5, the 3.0. I also had it converted to run on LPG afterwards. The conversion was fine but I have noticed the TRANS PROG FAIL message come on on starting the engine. It then goes away whilst driving and the car is mostly normal, though the gears are pretty harsh. Could the LPG conversion have caused this, or is it likely to be a coincidence?
.brake light display comes on,also brake linings, fog light.everything has been reparied, but still displayed on panel.
how to put transmisson fluid in
Next to the shifter the winter and economy mode switch will not let the car out of the winter mode?
ran 4 about 30 min then wont start
Lock out ,can get in to my can
car turn off after minutes of running , push small bottom and car runs again my e-mail is
I have the socket out of the car but cannot unscrew the light bulb which seems to have been burnt in, therefore I cannot unstall a new bulb
For the past year, every so often my transmission will go into safety mode. The warning light indicates TRANS PROGRAM, and essentially the car still drives just fine and can reach highway speeds, but it just starts from stop really, really slow. This problem typically occurs at the moment I first brake, after not driving the car for a day or so. Then, after I start the car again, let's say at the second phase of a day's errands. The transmission runs fine.

My question, is this a failing transmission? Or is this a computer problem? My theory is that the transmission is fine, but the computer is having glitches and I'd imagine to fix a 1993 BMW computer will still cost a small fortune.

Any thoughts???
Where /which is the fuse for the drivers seat ? We have no power in the seat.
My son just bought this car....the engine coolant warning came on...and I cant find where to put engine coolant...also there is an empty container left of radiator...what is that for? and how do I fill it
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