2000 BMW 740i Questions

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Replaced 20+ items on engine and it still runs rough as though it wants to stall out, it has left me stranded a couple times. The most likely problem is the timing chain rail is broken and maybe the tensioner and/or the gear and or vanos timing. Need to remove front of engine and replace problem...
The car has 223,000 miles on it and I have already replaced battery, water pump, and fuel pump.
What should I particularly look for in order to determine if it has been properly looked after and what are the critical areas? Thanks
The lower pulley tomthe serpitine belt broke how much willmit cost to fix
The speedometer doesn't work.
The little lights that have info on the bottom of the dash board.
need to know what all you have to take off to change the blower motor
its a screw that goes on top of the nipple that comes out the overflow tank.
Very noticeable at low speeds and when getting out of car
i have the engine light on...service engine soon
there is a leak in the tank beside the radiator i need to know how to remove it, can i remove it
i got a new key and i want togrt it to work how do you progem the key
the filters are little square filters
I also had the gas tanks replaced with new ones.. although the car runs fine..Im hearing this irritating howling type sound from the car.. It constantly keeps howling whether im driving or long as the engine is running, its howling..what can it be.? Is it a major issue?
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