1998 BMW 740i Questions

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I had connect battery wrong
After collecting back in please
The car does not see it anymore
And does not start
Move up , not back
How to replace fan velt on a 98 BMW 740i
but i went to the bmw dealer and after getting a new 1 and putting it in im still getting the same code and the check engine light and i would have to try like 3 times to turn car on before it will stay on
It works for a while then stops working until we restart car.. Then it shuts off again after awhile ..
replaced spark plugs,TPS, and accelerator cable, but still not shifting as timely,or smoothly and idle, while improved quite a bit, is still getting "hung-up"(RPM stays high when braking then goes low in increments till full stop-sometimes the car will clunk, or wants to hop before final stop, then the RPM will settle @ approx. 500). One mechanic told me that the torque convertor is getting stuck!! Do I need to flush the tranny & change filter? or repairing the idle issue will solve the tranny issue? all this happens regardless of temp.,A/C being on, or other factors.
BMW cuts off while driving but starts back up. This occurs every time I drive.
Both trouble codes are slow response pre cat sensors what to look for
what causes your car to go into engine failsafe mode
it has a slight hesitation when giving some gas
I just brought my car and it didn't come with the manual but I need to put the coolant in just want to make sure I'm putting it in the right place.
Car was driving fine until maintenance work was completed and environment inspection was completed.
The outside turn-signal flashes when I turn it on, but the arrow light is not blinking inside the car, on the dashboard indicating that the turn-signal is in use. So I tend to turn it on to change lanes but forget to turn it off time to time because I dont see the light blinking in front of me on the dash, can someone tell me where to look as far as it goes with the electrical spectrum of the problem. Thank you.
Research has indicated this is common problem and is solved by rerouting drain line. How hard is this to do and what routing is recommended? DIY selfer task?
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