1995 BMW 740i Questions

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When you turn up volume it makes weird static sound
There's an empty relay socket in my 95 bmw 740i I plugged a wiper relay into it and it was the wrong socket and relay now car won't Start and can't find any info on the empty relay socket
When i purchase d my bmw they said the transmission was going out. My friend worked in his own bmw and said the transmission fluid and filter inly needed to be changed
Drive car for at least 15 min - not when it just turns on and idles - the car will stall when trying to reverse and now it stalls after coming to complete stop at stop light. Happens frequently now - shop says it is not throwing any codes. First time it happened the dash computer lights where mileage is went wacko - when car is cold it will go reverse no problem.
the park light stay on all the time when i shut the car off and lock the door i have to remove the number 55 fuse in the trunk for the light to go off and not kill my battery ive being reading about the gm 111 but i repalce it and still on need help
i did a oem meter test in series with the battery something is draining the battery
it takes a few seconds to start, battery is good, but it seems to need more gas, when hot, it gets worse. i am thinking fuel filter or regulator or ultimately a failing fuel pump. I cannot even find the gas filter. can any body help. diagnosis and repair?
stay crunk. What could this be? Gave off a funny smell inside as I tried to restart. Left awhile, restarted but didn't continue to run. What is could it be anyone, help please?
blower stays on when engine is off
Any idea where the water is going?
are there any resistor or something i need to check check fuses
only hear noise when i crank car
Have replaced the brake light switch
Also would like to know if there is any harm in running some type of fuel additive to help clean the fuel injectors and will this work?
Mostly heoise when going over speed bumps and or pot-holes. Would like to know what needs to be replaced?
If not what will i have to change in order for it to work
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