1990 BMW 735i Questions

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Pressure washed engine compartment now noNE of the lights on the car work any more plz help

The car seems to be running fine and the temperature gauge read right between the red and blue indicators....normal..

Ok, I restored the whole engine, almost everyhting is new inside, rebuilt the whole thing, the oil pump is ok, the problem is that the pressure pops my camshaft seal out and my distrtibutor fills with oil, this happens after about a minute after the engine starts, could it be a faulty pressure relief valve ?, or something obstructed ?... my 735 is 1988 E32 euro, (the year of the menu did not go that fr back).

can i close the windows manually for the time being? how? i have the door panel off. older models have a bolt head you can turn with a socket and ratchet, not mine, though a chilton manual says it exists for all bmw's 1970-88. this is
a 1988 735i.

Can I get to the shifter linkage through the shift lever cover? Do I have to access it from under the car? If it's through the cover how do I remove the cover. I've removed the rear part of the cover that houses the cigarette lighter and blower vents and also have removed the rear bolt that holds down the front part of the cover but can't figure out how to remove whatever else is holding down the front part. I have removed the shift "T" handle already. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

after battery died I cannot open the door Key turns but door will not open

If I drive, it will run until I stop for a light. as soon as I stop for a light, it will stall, and not restart.
It is an automatic. I cannot us the car at all without risk of getting stuck.

what is trans program

The air isn't flowing throught the air conditioning vents is there something we can try other than replacing the blower motor?

oil in antifreeze

The right headlight and fog light do not work. I have tried replacing the bulbs, checked the wiring, and replaced the switch on the interior dash. None of these seemed to work.

have a 1986 735i bmw. it only seems to want to start in the mornings. it wont start in the evening. what should i look into

How do I get the blower fan out of the 1990 735il bmw?
I took the console out and still can not figure out just where it's at and how to get to it.

Don't know how to desasamble the midle console. May have a ground issue.

a/c works good when driving but gets very bad when you stop at a light