2006 BMW 650i Questions

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Did the same for a short period of time a while back but came back on when restarting car. Fuses in trunk and glove box appear to be good as well as all connections. Any idea on the problem?
As a result I get the error when driving and know the car doors will not lock as well as opening the trunk.
Turned my car on today and received a Transmission FailSafe mode before I moved it. Service Engine light also came on.Eventually switched into 1st gear,but need R to get out of driveway.Stuck on 1st gearand cannotrestart car.SMG trans, 82kmi,no priorissue
My 650i light came on that car looks like it is up on one side and higher on the other side like it was unleavened
It's getting older and has high mileage.
Sensor light coming on monthly. Added a quart every other month. That seems to temp. Fix the problem.
300.00 for the battery and 300.00 plus dollars for labor. something about battery needs to be programed to the car.
I used all BMW recomended fluids and filter,gaskets etc. It was a nomal fluid change everything went fine and once I was finished went to take a test drive to see if the transmission fault indicator would come back on because it had been from time to time,and it will not move at all no forward no reverse not anything.Is there a reset or something to perform that I don't knoe about.This is my first BMW,please help.I know it has to be something simple.Other then the fault light coming on here and there it had a gasket leaking but worked fine,so all should be fixed,why won't it move now?
I have a BMW 650i and want to know can I change the spark plugs
I get a weird sound when i break lightly. why is that? i had taken my car into BMW Service last month for a diagnostic on all four tires/breaks, and they said it was fine and normal for high performance breaks to make sounds. However this sound doesnt sound normal.
What should I expect to pay for Front Rod Bushings replacement?

Every two months the top won't go up and the trunk will not open. The bmw dealer "reset" it once and it was fine. Now it is not.
ever since i bought this 2006 bmw 650i, at first the passenger side airbag malfunction light comes on and off, but now it's at a steady on light which is very annoying. BMW claims my year and vin isn't part of their recall which i think is bs. I fondled with the sensor on the bottom but it still comes on and off. please help.
After I open up my top and close again,, later I cant use window at all. sensor saying that convirtible doesn't close fully. how ever I did close completely.
after about 20mins it works though.
and some times I-drive freeezes too.
it dirves me crazy!!

please give me an answer!! help me
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