2004 BMW 645Ci Questions

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It will start sumtimes and then others it want
I ordered a new key from BMW but they were unable to program it (and of course they want me to make a costly service appointment). Could the transmitter receiver be bad? Is there a fuse for said item?
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
It was in a accident but it was just repaired its condensation in the light fixture
after which I need to jump the car off to start it again.
2004 BMW 645 ci Transmission Malfunction light comes on and stays on, car still drivable but with reduced acceleration, took to BMW and they said I need a new strike plate but if that don't work we will try something else. can't enjoy this car because of the faulty symbol keep coming on. scared to drive out of town. Any advice, thanks
but car still drivable but reduces acceleration.
It does not work the first time I try to start the car.. But when I wait 15 to 20 minutes it will start up.. What's the problem??
Its been in a bmw garage for 6 weeks and the mechanic cant find anything wrong . Its tearing us apart . Its not sticking calipers as hes checked . But the brakes also lock on . Weve just had it lowered and it was great before.
The radio is on and I checked the radio amp fuse and it is good.
Only happens occasionaly when car is swiched off after sometime it resets and all is ok..
Vehicle auto transmission went in to safe mode, will not engage in gear. How can I get it off safe Mode.
My car has low miles but when I take the car in for normal matainence, they find more issues. I just changed my oil and ended up replacing vacum pump and hose clamp. A week later my check engine light is on with a message - increase emission.
Once the ac comes on it cools adequately and shuts off when the engine is turned off.
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