2008 BMW 550i Questions

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I think its my oil pressure control valve
I have 95K miles on my recently purchased 550i. The car is very sound & no problems. High mileage will result in future repairs. I already had to change daylight lamps with corroded cables.

Just preparing for upcoming repairs that may be covered by the x warranty.
the common response is the valve guides, a known problem. However, it does not burn upon starting, even when revved, it does not burn when accelerating, even when really pushing it. It will, start burning when the engine is warm and when it has been idling for at least 3 minutes. Then, big plume of blue smoke, which goes away after accelerating. And yes, the car has 101,000 miles. Oh, just got the oil changed and only added a half a quart between changes....about 8000 miles. Any ideas?
l lost the lock to replace the tire and l need what's the size or number of the lock
Does the Service Computer automatically reset when a service is done?
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