2005 BMW 545i Questions

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I replaced my brake booster on my545i and the brakes are still stiff I bled the brakes and there is no leak from the master cylinder. Someone tell me what else can be wrong or what can I do to fix this
The car is hiccuping and lunging sometimes.
What type of transmission fluid should I use?
I do not here fuel pump running. and will not start...battery went dead afterwards ran but very bad, now will not run at all is it sleep due to security system or what?
Why can they fix how much will it cost
When I take it off it tries to die but I looked at my ccv and they look good what else can it be
was a big deal until I recently had a complete electrical failure. AAA said the charging systems operating and the battery needs charge but its in good condition as well. What would sent a bunch of alarms off and totally kill the electrical system. It also will start back up later. Help please
I have now spent thousands on trying to fix this problem. The latest is I have just had the clock spring in the steering wheel replaced and it is still showing a fault....also the horn is not working and the GPS seems stuck on one spot....
Any ideas at this stage would be mighty helpful, (other than rebadging to a Toyota)
As I am driving it feels like the engine is in responsive or hesitant. I thought it may be a valve issue so I used a complete fuel system cleaner. No luck. Car tranny skips at 35 to 40 mph. Help!
Does the fuel pump relay make my 2005 BMW 545i not to start in the morning
Could u explain why my car spewing dart when is cold out but when is hot is start could u tell why is that
My car doesint start in the morning when i took it to BMW dealership they said they cannot find any thing wrong . But they started the vehicle up for me
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