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does not matter if cold or hot
I've replaced radiator, alternator and now I belive my water pump needs replaced. Only had this car a year and purchased it w 108,000 now has 134,000. It seems never ending w coolant leaking problems. What causes the substantial coolant issue leaking problems for all these repairs? I heard head gaskets are expensive and just curious if the pattern of problems is leading me to have to replace that as well.. Any help or advice would be helpful. The water pump Pulley system making a grinding rumbling sound but it has always been leaking coolant even after replacing everything but water pump that just started today. What is the reasoning for all the leaking coolant issues?
why my heater don't get hot
the a/c get cold.
Advised that the cost of replacing the upper timing chain cover gasket would be $1700.00. Is this a good estimate?
I ahve a GPS/radio combo with the cassette behind and an Alpine disc changer in the trunk. My GPS functions with no problem but my radio will not come on. This happened before and I unplugged the changer, pulled the fuses to check them, powered off the dvd navigation player. And eventually the radio worked again. I believe that it was a fluke that started working. Where should I look next?
car down the odometer reading went from 78000 to 999999 all other function of the instrument cluster is working is thereany was to reset the milage?
Engine Failsafe program flashes with an idiot orange warning icon displayed. Engine runs okay but i have noticed the cooling fans are not as loud. Also noticed mileage range flucuates at the lower end. For example it can go from 40 to zero to 18 to zero etc.
Message to replace back up lights. Which lights and how do I replace?
When I turn a turn at 25mph-35mph+ I can nnot tighten the turn as the steering gets too hard to turn as if I lost power-assist... does not happen at lower speeds at all - happens in both directions... ANo leaking hoses and fluid in reservoir aplenty .. any thoughts?
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