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We just recently changed the battery and everything works its just that when i stop in a stop light or stop sign my car turns off i just need to put it on neutral and turn it back on it is a 2002 bmw 540 i
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It stops when i am on a light or stop sign
How long have you had this problem? Just now
My 2002 540i has 140K miles and have had it 4 years. It recently shut down on me and a place in Kennesaw, GA specializing in BMW's indicated the coolant sensor broke and leaked fluid into the harness wires, control harness and module needing to replace all of it totaling about $3K with labor and testing. Car is only worth about $5K so they suggested an alternative to just dry and clean everything out completely (which they say is not a guarantee to fix the issue, but would not replace the parts) and they would charge $650 for that. When this happened the car would either not start or start in a "reduced power" mode and only drive about 10mph. I could turn it off and let it sit for a couple hours and would start up fine again. Is the $650 clean and dry repair advisable and is this process known to work well long term? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance for your reply.
It seems to only do this when I have the doors locked. My battery had been dead but I recently had it recharged.
The cruise control light will come on but does not stay on.
replace change and guida rall
Presumably the cooling fan under hood on passenger side fails to turn off after 1 hour when ignition is turned off blowing air into car under both driver and passenger front seats. Needed to disconnect battery.
Driving to work and for the first time a warning allert came on saying transmission in safe mode operation and driving became sluggiss and seemed trans would hardly move vehicle.Then radio went off, battery indicator lit and a/c went off. Pulled over and stopped, cut car off for about 5-10 min started back up drove a short distants, car drove normal and everything operated normal. Had car towed home just to be safe. Tried to start car after getting it home, the battery was dead. Can anyone help me with and idea of what going on?
Air conditioniing cooling very slow ly. Does it need recharging or something expensive ?

Thank you,
Hello all. Does anyone have and idea what it means when the service Engine Soon light comes on. I have changed out the spark plugs and oil.
I had a mini diagonis check it said, mis-fire on one cylinder. I replaced the spark plugs and cleaned the coils but the problem is remains.
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