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I was driving an the rear end started making a steady clicking noise, gave it a little gas an it didn't want to go, almost got to the house and it was like the car went neutral. I put it in drive, park, reverse, everything an nothing happens, what could it be?
The park lights comes on one side flashes then the other side. The tail lights stays on as well. All this happen while the car is turned off.
It shakes very bad when I drive at 60mph.
the entire right suspension has been replaced including shocks. strangely when car is lifted off the ground and put back on ground the noise goes away. after car heats up noise reappears.
the ideal situation would be to sell car but the car is in immaculate condition.
There is a knocking noise coming from the bottom of my car and when I push the clutch half way, I dont hear the noise again. What could it be?
I have a BMW 2000 540i and one of the keys I can use to manually unlock the car door, the trunk and start the engine but the other key doesn't work. It can unlock the car door manually but when I put the keys in the ignition the lights in the dash come on but if I crank it more the engine doesn't start. These keys used to work fine. Some time down the line the car's battery went dead.
The problem is now becoming normal especially driving on hot days. Someone had mentioned to me, guard chain - OK, I don't know what that is, but I did the search. Can anyone help?
I need help
reveres will not work
Instrument LCD panel display only partial numbers and missing digit and letters.
when i drive all gage gos down, "ABS" light on, i don't know what to do? pls help me
I got into my car to go home from running a quick errand and when i went to start my car it just shut power what so ever!! I tried to jump the car but as soon as i put the jacks on the lights came on in the car but still no actual power to start it up
After I replaced the water cooled alternator, I added coolant but the car still got overheated within a few minutes of idling.
just changed the plugs and it ran reel good for the first two days but now it is idling ruff.
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