1999 BMW 540i Questions

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As far as performance, such as 0 to 60 and the quarter mile.?Further how much wear and tear should I expect in terms of miles for reliability,driving very responsible Of course.Thank you.Before considering adding a supercharger to this vehicle, I had a compression test done, all reading she came in at 180/182 PSI.The mechanic told me that was unusual to see such tight readings on a 19-year-old car with 78,000 miles
Has anybody added a VF Engineering supercharger. The car has 78k Along with the full-Dinan package.Any feedback would be very helpful and much appreciated,further thought would anybody recommend upgrading the front brake system to stop tech, that means I would have to upgrade my current Rims(17)to the 18s,Would it be worth the cost and expense, for the brake kit and then Of course tires. Thank you for your time and consideration...
Also considering going to the champion SAC rims which are quite expensive but are also very light at 18 lb per rim as I understand it.I was told by my mechanic that it would be the equivalent of adding Approximately 50 more horsepower to the car,Can that be true?I plan on holding his car so I drive wheels off of it. I know I’ll never see my money back. But the car is been so reliable and just keep running like clockwork.Again any thoughts would be extremely appreciated. Look forward to hearing back.

I also feel vibration
timing guides replacement
And passenger mirror doesn't move in reverse either..
Is there anyway I can fix it my self/ try. 77 yr. Old Lady, please tell me how. Need the hood open because the check engine light is on
Can it be open from the outside?? Please help
When jump started, car will crank but no start. any tips please?
1999 540 BMW touring
Any ideas?
I took off my tires and looked at the rotors but they were almost brand new not warped. I saw on my passenger side it looks like the tire is rubbing the strut. So I then thought maybe the tires were too big, but I checked with the manual but they were factory spec. I then thought the tires are out of balance, got them balanced. I started driving slammed on the breaks and seemed like the problem was gone. I drove to 100mph and slammed on the breaks so I thought the issue was gone. Then shortly after the problem came back only when I brake hard, so I have been braking lightly. So now I think it's the struts, what do you guys think? I would appreciate any help.
How can this be corrected? Is there a check valve in the oil filter cannister that is not working? This starts after car has set for awhile, but goes once the engine is running.
I have a 99 540 with 70,000 miles. The car has been very well taken care of. After driving, a hot rubber smell comes from the engine compartment. It does not smell like hot oil but rather hot rubber. I noticed that the power steering fluid reserve had leaked somewhat. Could that be causing the smell?
It happens when I make a turn, especially so when parking. the noise is a lot like a groan, or a moan. It is not high pitched like a squeal. After the motor is off and the car rests for a while,. the noise disappears, only to return after a day, or a week, or a month. Anyone have a clue?
Radio worked until suddenly didn't. Stations show. CD and cassette player work but no sound.
other than that the engine starts right up, there is no smoke from the exhaust. any tnhougts of what might be the problem. Can valves be adjusted on this engine
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