1990 BMW 535i Questions

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Bought car man said someone tried to steel radio took it out hooked it up now it just says code ?
How do I get the timing to go down?
What makes the dash lights not work like the speed ometor not work or the temp not work?also how do I get the radio to work ?
Its all original parts only been 164000 miles.
It starts jus runs rough
Obviously by my question you can tell i am not repeat not a mechanic!!!! Ad I am not a blonde girl either!!!!
All forward gears stopped working but reverse still works fine. Could this be a problem with electric controls?
what is the problem and what suggestion can help do have
no female for it. Missing limiter switch? Had paid a mechanic to replace shattered window. Doing it my self now. just finished passenger side no problem, but didn't pay attention to wiring. Mac
Cannot see any visible leaks from hoses, etc. but resivoir gets low and engine temp rises. Then, car started stalling when I was driving and now EML light is on and car will turn over but not start at all. Tried cleaning up the gas with an fuel cleaner and an octane booster. Are these 2 things related?
just bought car was undriven and in garage for over 10 years has only 8700 miles bled system and installed new master cylinder and bled system again still spongy and have to pump brake to stop vehicle
Sounds like ball bearings rolling around under valve cover. Idles rough coincides with tap. Give it gas it goes away. Lifters, valves? and can it be fixed with out removing cylinder head?
I have an oil leak from the rear engine near the intake manifold by the 6th connector. The leak was just happened today. Is it part of the PVC? There is a series of 6 of these connectors just below the intake manifold. Not sure what the exact name of the part or what part needs to be replace. Oil is found around the section connecting to the manifold near the engine firewall, and its dripping down to the lower engine block and onto the exhaust manifold causing some unpleasant oil smoke. There is no trace of oil from the valve cover gasket near the rear of the engine. When engine idling , unable to detect where the leak is coming from. It is possible the oil leak is coming from PCV intake system. Please advise on potential problem and solution. I have done majority of the repair on this car and I'm fairly mechanically inclined with technical stuff.
Thank you for your time and assistant.
Richard Hoang -
My Transmission started slipping and and then finally going up a hill would go forward anymore but reverse is like new. The Fluid is clear but smells like it's burnt.
batterie completly dead can not open doors with the key called aaa cant open doors with there tools ether please help do i have to break a window to open the car to change the baterie?
1990 535 i bmw - the fan makes squeaking noises. How do I replace it?
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