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Car, 2002 530i manual transmission with 250K mileag, was totally dead and was jumped. Battery, alternator and generator checked at BMW dealership and by AAA. Car is experiencing a battery drain where sometimes you turn the key in ignition and there is nothing- no sound or clicking. Have not been able to determine where the drain is coming from- glove box light, trunk light, fan module etc. This happens immediately after driving the car. I can wait a couple of minutes and then the car will start. I notice upon letting the car sit and when getting back in the car, the inside courtesy lights will go on- (that is the sign the car will start)
Before I take it back and probably pay some big bucks, are there any suggestions for where to check and how to check
When i start car radiator fan turns on and rotates slow enough i can stop it with my hand , car isnt over heating ?
When i start my car my radiator fan is moving slow enough i can stop it with my hand when its usually spinning really fast , dont think it is the fan clutch because the car isnt over heating?
how to release the key /
Temperature is set @ 78F and it takes about 2 hrs to see results. Usually set temp b/w 72-75F
will sometimes go into limp mode and this light comes on
Where's the engine coolant fan RELAY on a 2002 bmw 530i
vehicle overheating also error on dash transmission program failure vehicle has slow take off
When my 530i is parked outside overnight or when it is colder than 50 degrees outside it cranks over but wont start. When it warms up or sun comes out it starts up fine. The car runs fine otherwise, no codes come up etc. This has happened at least 10 different times and no one can figure it out!Could it be a dirty idle control valve? Please help! Thank you in advance!
smells burning oil on the passengers side by cover gasget bolt.
right rear lamp all no working
Yesterday I got stuck in the snow, I probably gave it to much gas and the fuel pump stoped working I was turning the engine over and it just wasn't getting any gas. So I replaced the pump and it worked great... Now I went to go to work this morning and got about 2 houses down when the car stoped running. I also already replaced #31 fuse. Which is 1 of2 fuel pump fuses
when you trey and move the drivers seat, only half moves, the other side does not move at all? Help
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