2002 BMW 530i Questions

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will sometimes go into limp mode and this light comes on
Where's the engine coolant fan RELAY on a 2002 bmw 530i
vehicle overheating also error on dash transmission program failure vehicle has slow take off
When my 530i is parked outside overnight or when it is colder than 50 degrees outside it cranks over but wont start. When it warms up or sun comes out it starts up fine. The car runs fine otherwise, no codes come up etc. This has happened at least 10 different times and no one can figure it out!Could it be a dirty idle control valve? Please help! Thank you in advance!
smells burning oil on the passengers side by cover gasget bolt.
right rear lamp all no working
Yesterday I got stuck in the snow, I probably gave it to much gas and the fuel pump stoped working I was turning the engine over and it just wasn't getting any gas. So I replaced the pump and it worked great... Now I went to go to work this morning and got about 2 houses down when the car stoped running. I also already replaced #31 fuse. Which is 1 of2 fuel pump fuses
when you trey and move the drivers seat, only half moves, the other side does not move at all? Help
Why does the check engine light come on and code p2098. Changed bank 2 sensor
Four weeks ago, I left NC to travel to IL. That morning my car didn't start. I turned the key and all the lights/radio/air came on, but I only heard a clicking noise from the engine. We jump started it and then I drove the 14+ hours to IL. Four days later the car needed to be jumped again. I had double checked when I parked it to ensure no interior lights or functions were left on. I then drove it to MN (a 8 hour drive) and within three days it needed jumping again. But then, after driving between the Twin Cities, about a 50 minute drive each direction, I let it sit overnight and the next day it started just fine. Now I've had to jump start it again.
I had someone from AAA come look at the battery (which was purchased through AAA in 2013 and replaced in 2014) and they said it was a good battery but that something was draining it. (Yeah, thanks.)
Now my question is: I've seen a couple different places that it could be the FSR (FSU?) and I think I can figure out how to replace that. I had noticed on my drive that at some points, even though I had the air conditioning on and only blowing through the top vents, I could feel heat on my feet. I had just assumed it was from sitting for too long and stopped to walk around when it happened. Could that be what people mean when they're saying that the air conditioning system acts funny when the FSR needs replacement?
I unplug my GPS center and turn everything off (air and radio included) when I get out of the car. I'm not leaving any lights on or doors open. It's draining practically overnight at this point and I'm two days away from just buying a trickle charger and letting it be, but I'd really like to fix the problem. Is it worth purchasing and installing a new FSR?
Thank you in advance, and if you have any further questions please let me know!
Just had the center control panel for my 02 530i replaced at BMW. Was told it was bad and it was the cause of the A/C not functioning. After a couple of weeks (mid winter) it was no longer working again. Took it back to the shop and was told "upon reset performs well". Well, as it turns out, resetting the (whatever), requires the removal of the negative terminal (-) of the battery. Upon replacement of the terminal A/C works fine ..... for a while. Now BMW wants to charge me $$$ for replace the ? There has got to be an easier "hack" rather than another expensive replacement thingy.
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