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Heater not working. Blower blows cold air. I have the dial on dash set to hot and thermostat controls to 90°farenheit nothing but cold air(As I live in a cold climate).
Anti freeze was low just bought a cheap kind already premised just to see if there would be a slight change in temp. None occurred. Car has no leaks not strange No strange noises. Fuses all good. As are relays.
My father works in northern Ohio and lives in southern Ohio, can he tow his bmw with a tow dolly??
alarm went off door wont open how do I fix
lock keys in car alarm went off now door wont open
nlock keys in car trying to get in the alarm went off now cant manualy open door
What could it be
The car wouldn't go in gear start idling high steam from the hood

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Manual transmission BMW 530i will not go in gear
How long have you had this problem? Just happened
The air will not heat up unless my car is running
car was bought new then given to me,nothing has been altered. Early morning car started then died after a few seconds (engine sounded normal),I tried to start again but this time sounded like when getting a compression test(sound like plugs removed). One BMW dealer tells me engine is NON-interference and the other dealer tells me it's interference. Please tell me for sure as I can afford repairs if non-interference(possibly do repair myself).IF DUAL VANOS operation failed w/no valve damage(non-interference),would engine quit start&sound like escaping compression,as vanos controls camshaft position????. Thank you very much and pray valves weren't damaged and I don't have to remove head to get completely machined. VIN: wbadt6343icf05573
i was getting major over heating so i replaced my water pump also losing all my coolant really fast so not only is the water pump new i still i have a leak from a pipe or a hose running along side the engine under the intake i just cannot find its name to replace. Please help
this car was an auction car it had no keys so I spent the 225.00 to get a key put in a fresh battery and started it up at first it would only stay running with your foot on the gas the next day it started and stayed running prob something to do with the computer sitting dormant aka no battery life now it runs and drives but no speedo reading any clues
The computer on my BMW 2001 5301 is bad causing cylinder #2 to malfunction . I need to buy computer program to install.
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