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Most Recent 2010 BMW 528i xDrive Recall

On October 18, 2010, BMW recalled 6,080 BMW 528i xDrive. Bmw is recalling certain 2010 and 2011 5-series and 5-series gran turismo passenger vehicles manufactured from january 12 through july 1, 2010. the vehicle's fuel level sensor within the fuel tank can become wedged against the tank.
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2010 BMW 528i xDrive Recall Details

RepairPal Expert Overview on October 18, 2010

The fuel gauge may indicate there is plenty of fuel in the gas tank when the tank is empty, resulting in the vehicle shutting off while driving.

BMW will notify owners of 2010 and 2011 5-Series and 5-Series Grand Turismo manufactured between January 12, 2010 through July 2, 2010 as of October 18, 2010. If you are notified by BMW, contact your local dealership to schedule an appointment for the fuel level sensor to be replaced.

RepairPal Expert Overview on October 1, 2010

The brake system vacuum pump can leak oil, which can contaminate the brake booster. This can result in extra braking effort.

BMW notified owners of affected vehicles starting in November 2010. You can check with your dealer to see if your vehicle is involved in this program. It is helpful to have your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on hand when you contact them.

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