2010 BMW 528i Questions

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Everything else on the car works but when I accelerate past 60. That’s when problems start and it slows down on its own.
Battery is good ...hit the start button
And there is a click but the starter wont engage...
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It didnt matter if the engine was cold or warm
How long have you had this problem? A week all of a sudden took 2 or 3 times pushing on the start button to start then yesterday it just wont start
u warm up the car turn on the headlight it smell burning plastic
I was told by the dealership that my car was running poorly because the vehicle has 6 bad ignition coils and 6 bad spark plugs. The car only has 37,462 original miles. It's about a $1,700.00 job. I explained my situation to an auto mechanic who's been working on cars for years. I was told other BMW 5 series' owners have been complaining about the same thing and he says its coolant leaking into the combustion chamber, which is under warranty. Any advice?
Car has 65,000 miles and the tech says the belt is no longer centered due to the wear of the tensioner.
As I close the trunk, I can here the latch engage and feel a click prior to closing, as if something is triggering it to release. It will stay closed for about 4 seconds then release as if I had pressed the release button. This happens when the car is in park, drive, reverse and even when the key is off. However, after everything is off, it will stay closed.
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