2009 BMW 528i Questions

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Car shakes violently until RPM needle reaches lower level from 1000 to 700 on cold start. Needle does not fluctuate back and forth during decline, just declines in increments in one direction. Before repair of worn engine gaskets RPM needle remained steady at 1000.
2009 528i x 90000 miles. Bmw 528i
I just purchased this vehicle and the first trip I took my daughter felt cold water dripping on her feet when I changed the vent mode and noticed the floor was really wet after about two hours. I could hear a noise coming from vent fan that sounded like it was hitting water every once in awhile. When we stopped I checked and noticed not only her side was wet but the drivers side was wet so I turned off the a/c and put down windows. when we returned home I dried the floor using my wet vac and let it air dry
I want to jump a lexus from the specified bmw but I can't find the battery and I already used AAA once today
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