2008 BMW 528i Questions

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Headlights won't go off
Car will start throws the transmission code will not move out of park
Only slips when downshifting. But it’ll sometimes slip right when I put it in gear after I start the car
Car is lower on front passenger side. Shocks feel like they’re not working too well
Transmisson malfunction light came on about 5 months ago while driving at 73mph. Car was automatically reduced in speed. Pulled over, turn engine off and then restarted it and worked fine. Got into my car this morning and when i put the gear in reverse, it automatically went back to park gear.
When idling with ac on; it feels like I'm being hit from the rear.
It was fine I turned it off and it has power but won't turn over
Charged the battery had the battery checked still won't start all internal lights come on radio etc. replaced the battery in the remoteless key
The transmission malfunction warning system comes on. It goes into limp mode and says continue driving to nearest BMW dealership. Could this be s sensor going bad?
The trunk is closed, can open with key fob, and the indicator on the dash keeps flashing and chiming. I need an estimate please.
there is a scraping/ticking sound in the front engine area somewhere..When I start the engine up and as I accelerate it gets faster with acceleration.
It started about 2 weeks ago and has now gotten a little louder
I wanted to say it was a nocking sound but as I hear"knocking sound you tube videos its not quite the same.
My car suddenly will not start. AAA told me that I have to replace the starter. Can you tell me how much will it cost me
Push start button nothing
When I'm driving sometime it hesitates to pick up for speed then the check engine light pops on
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