2000 BMW 528i Questions

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I only see the fuse panel in the glove box and the trunk passenger side. I don’t have the lumbar support. Fuse 13 is the only fuse in the entire fuse panel front and back not work. What does the ignition switch send power to! I have seen post of the ignition switch having to be replace power not going thru contacts located inside of it?
All fuses in fuse box work except fuse 13. No power coming across connector for that fuse.
The window had started malfunctioning then it just went down in the door and wouldn't come back up, I just had it fixed 10 months ago and now the place that I had it repaired said it's still under warranty but I got to pay the cost of labor which is $80 an hr but I don't understand why when they claimed to have fixed it
Passenger floorboard filled eith water and shorted out fuse board. No rain at all and not heater core
I took the locking pin out too.
After trying to reset the oil light the car will not start. Will not turn over.
All electronics work, car won't turn over
Is the fuse box in the trunk the one that has the cigarette lighter fuse in it? If so which fuse is it and what size is it?
Also makes like a loud vent noise as well when so accelerate?? Help please??
My mpg and speedometer not working and I think this is the problem
after have bought my bmw when do i need to replace the gearbox oil.after how many years or miles.
While driving, the steering column will move all the way down to the lowest setting. I try fighting it, but it just won't stay where I set it.
And the front left tire rumbles when coming to a slowing stop of 29-25 or higher. I don't know what's going on! Help?!!
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