1998 BMW 528i Questions

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Ran out of gas in my 98 528 I BMW put 1.5 gallons in it,didnt start. Put another 4 gallons in it and did the same. Pump is kicking on, pressure at the fuel rail. Ran great then this. Any suggestions?
It just happened. I didn’t even have my high beams on. I turned them on and off to see if that would work. But passenger side stays on. I unplugged it for now . Any suggestions.
All the time
It was in a wreck before I got it my horn doesn't work either
The brakes are real hard and ABS light on
I only have one key (spouse) and I've lost the little transponder in the middle. Can that be a reason my car won't start? With the key in, it'll turn all the lights on and Windows doors ECT. But won't start car. Please help...
where is the fuse for fog lights or relay? lights not working ths
Since dealership, took it back in 1 mo later for same problems. Has now been a few months
when I start to drive it went back down, pulled into parking lot and parked. As soon as I put it in park, Went into the red and overheated. I had recently had a fuel pump put in and my mechanic also replaced blower because he said it went into the red. Any ideas on what it could be. I had it towed to the mechanic.
1998 BMW 581i
Started to drive and the car just shut off. Did not stutter just stopped. Had enough movement to get it to the curb. Tried to start it sounded like it wanted to start but wouldn't turnover . Gas was below 1/4 of tank my mechanic said to add gas gauge could be off and I may have run out of gas. Added gas but still wouldn't turn over. Called AAA when tow truck came and tried to start it. Nothing happened said battery could be old and from trying to start it I could hVe drained the battery . It at the mechanics now but being it's Sat. He won't get to ck it till Monday. Any ideas what the problem could be?
did the aim / bala and still the same
Car goes into the red sometimes And overheats if sitting too long running
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