1997 BMW 528i Questions

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Slippage in 1st gear
Slow to engage in gear
Smell of smoke and or transmission fluid
High RPMs before being engaged
Traction Control signal is on the dash (yellow triangle)
Check engine light is also on
No noticeable leaks on ground
Dashboard signaling that the car needs inspection. Had the inspection done.Given car an oil service. How do I reset the on board computer so that I do not get this inspection signal each time I start the car? I know I need a device to connect with computer. What is it called? Where can I buy one? The garage used a device to reset the dashboard but failed.
work only about 10 times then have to start and stop engine to go again
I was working on door with panel off and wires unplugged working on window regulator & turned the key to the on position & heard a noise. now the power does not work on that door. the window don't go up or down, the door don't lock by power nor does the mirror tilt when I put the car in reverse.
My fiance just got the BMW 528i 1997 5 series for her birthday from a friend. One day we drove a fine no problems and we came home parked it turned it off in a little later that night I came out and the car started sounding an alarm when I try to turn it on. I checked it out of oil at spot a brand new battery replaced all the bulbs that lights are out and nothing seems to work it does not say that it is in security mode or anything like that. All the lights come on the still Sound the Alarm sometimes when I try to start it but not all the time it just cranks and doesn't start. When I have the key like if I'm going to turn the car on and it's an about first position I hear it buzzing noise by the battery sometimes in the trunk and sometimes I hear a buzzing noise by the fuel pump in the front under the hood. The only problem with this car that I've seen so far other than and not working out is that the radio plays when it wants not all the time it turns on in air conditioning doesn't always turn on . So if anyone can tell me what they think it could be are they have this pound before and they know what it is please let me know what the problem was with their car and how much was it to fix it. I would hate to have to get rid of such a nice car it was a gift to my fiance and help us out with work.
Tryed checking the wss but if I disconnect any one of them the transmission goes in safe mode
there are no leak - when I release the pressure after the radiator cools down and add a little water from the pressure released it no longer goes to the red overheating mark
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