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Please help. I do not understand what happened. All I did was put gas in my car and parked it in my driveway. the next day I tried turning on. Which the car does in deed tried to turn on but it shuts off. It doesn't turn on completely. After the 4th time of trying to turn on the car 2 messages came up. the first message was the Transmission malfunction and the second message was the 4x4 AWD and DSC Malfunction. I am not sure what those messages entail. But When I try to start the car seems to want to tart. all the lights stay on. Can someone please advise. thanks
This problem happens mostly when the engine is cold, but it has also happens when the engine is up to operating temperature. The ignition appears to abruptly stop firing for a second or two and then resumes functioning correctly. The problem occurs on an inconsistent basis but has been happening for the past several weeks.
Truck won't open/close-latch replaced-worked for 2 days-same issue only this time, when I went to try to open with key, alarm went off.
Was able to close only after slamming really hard-at BMW now.
Interestingly, I did, over the past few weeks, hear a humming sound from trunk when opened and engine on.
BMW says electrical-probably IBM module??
Found spots of oil on garage floor-went to shop I use, car put on lift-found rear engine seal leak-said it had been for some time, only now getting to point of leakage from pan-recommended no action but to make sure oil level maintained.
Had the a/c drained and recharged-w/dye put in-two days later, same hot air-am taking back to service in next two days, but would like to be aware of what problems could be; i.e. seal, etc-would a compressor go?-car has been impeccably and religiously maintained and has only 60,000 miles.
With ac off, idles at 650 and downshifts smoothly
my BMW revs up and shakes when it's idling or is sitting at a stop light or stop sign while AC is blowing. Does anyone know what could be the problem
how do i change the time on the clock
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