2007 BMW 525i Questions

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It won’t turn over
any one know what it could be and how much I will be looking to spend
I have been getting this increased battery discharge message at startup on and off for months. There is no problem starting, but it resets the clock and trip odometer every time it happens. I have seen cases online where it happens after the car goes to sleep (68-70 minutes) but this is happening after just a few minutes rest or overnight - timing seems completely random. Answers that i have seen for the above mentioned cases were that aftermarket electrical appliances were possibly not hooked to the battery correctly and need to be removed or reinstalled. Unfortunately as far as i know there are no aftermarket add ons. Not sure what to do on this.
Truck lock sometimes fails to attach.
My 525 was caught in a flood here several months ago, the engine had to be replaced and it set in the shop for almost 2 months. The A/C and compressor was working fine but when they restarted the new engine the compressor starting making a noise and it was determined that a bearing had dried up.

The insurance adjuster won't approve the compressor replacement because he said it was wear and tear. Since it was working fine before I need some ammunition to get them to pay for the new compressor.

I'm 72 and on a fixed income and really can't afford to pay for this myself.

Can someone provide me with some information that I can present to the adjuster to persuade them to pay for this.

I was driving to work and on my 2007 525i I got a charging malfunction where it stopped my power steering and AC I was wondering what that could mean?
The heat and air barely blow and not all sometimes
Warning lights comes on it's say stop and let cool and it's starts up and run fine for all day and then sometimes it run hot during a drive on hwy. @ speeds 65 to 75 mph. And sometimes I have to put coolant in it
coolant temperature high and when stop the engine and switch on again alarm disappeared and after 30 minutes it comes again and then I have to switch off the engine and start again and go on
Car would not start yesterday morning, the initial symptoms pointed to a under charged battery, I replaced the battery (under warranty) and the car still will not start. There is a click noise when you press the start button (and all the interior lights and chimes are working and appear to be strong)but nothing happens.... help! I am thinking maybe the starter but before I just start paying to replace things I am hoping someone can offer some advice or advice on how to test the symptoms. I don't have a lot of cash to spend right now, it's been a rough month, and now I am stuck with a car that won't start. Any advice would be appreciated.
whats the cost for replacing a valve cover gasket for a bmw525i
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