2005 BMW 525i Questions

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I am the "new" owner of a 12 year old 525i. It runs quite well, but I'm still getting used to the systems (after having driven the same Honda for 17 years). When I turned the car on this morning, a key symbol lit up on the display. Does that mean I need to get my car key reconfigured? Will it stop working if I don't? Thank you for your help!
Car won’t pass smog due to not ready.
I have no headlights interior lights nor window power when the ignition is turned on.
Problems with the stereo, the sos light turns on and the sound goes out and the control wheel goes off, lasts about 5 seconds and then it works again
Stuck in 2nd gear
smokes out the exhaust pipe
All dashboard analog gauges do not activate after the car has been running for about 30 seconds. My BMW mechanic is stumped on a possible cause. This occurs every time I start the car and has been like this for over two years.
Want to its fuel consumption on daily run around
I checked the fuse's in the glove box and the fuse's in the trunk , they were good " what could I try next ? Relay's?
Started with turning off in cold mornings after a couple of ninutes, I had this problem for like a week after las week one morning the idle start acting Crazy and non stop from 1000 RPMs to 1500 rpms and I am wondering if is TPS sensor or MAF please help
When I start the car it drags a little wipers won't turn off LCD screen is acting weird please help
Evry second its stall and stop while driving
After getting an oil change the engine oil pressure warning comes on. I've had the Vanos line,oil filter housing gasket and oil sensor replaced and the warning light is still coming on. Has anyone Concord this problem?
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